Real Time Search on Google with HashPlug

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Did you miss real time search over Google? That nice little scroll box which used to update automatically with latest Twitter results? Even we did. So, we thought of creating a Chrome Extension to bring back Real Time Search Results back into Google. You just need to install this Chrome extension and whenever you do a search over Google, it shows relevant twitter results next to Google Results in an unobtrusive manner.  For example if you are searching for “elections”, this is how your search page would look like



With HashPlug, you longer have to search for the same term once on Google and once on Twitter. You just search on Google the way you’ve always done and HashPlug takes care of the rest. In the screenshot you can observe that you can see tweets that were just written seconds earlier. As of now it only supports twitter results. But we have plans to integrate Facebook results too in future. Checkout the video below



I had given early beta access to some of my friends and received positive feedback from all of them. Apart from latest trending topics, most of them were also using it for reviews on Movies, Books, Products, etc. Best part is that you can just sit and read tweets/reviews that scroll down one after the other. Do try out the extension and let us know your feedback. Am sure you would love it.

You can install HashPlug from the Chrome WebStore.

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