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Zen News Reader for Windows Phone 7 Released

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Am happy to announce the release of Zen News Reader 1.0 for Windows Phone 7. Zen is a beautiful news reader application that it super easy to discover, add and read your favorite blogs/feeds though an intuitive interface. It also keeps a local copy of all the feeds so that you can read them at your convenience even if there is no internet available.



I hope you’ll like the app. Below are some of the screenshots.


Home Screen:

Windows Phone 7 RSS Reader

Content Screen:

RSS/News Reader for WP7

RSS Reader for Windows Phone 7


Soon I’ll be coming up with some more features and improvements to the app. At the same time your feedback would be very precious for me. In case you find a bug or have any feedback, please leave a comment below.



Thank you,
Sunil Urs

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